2000 winter: Heikki has an idea of forming a fantasy metal band called "Magic Heroes". He asks Matias to join and they agree to start the band sometime.

2000: Heikki and Juha decide to start a true metal band that has lyrics sung in Finnish. The guys ask Matias to join the band in May. What later became HMP is now born. The band starts songwriting for their first demo. The autumn comes and Heikki has a vision - Heavy Metal Perse is the name for the group and all agree.

2001 April: The first demo "Legenda Taikamiekasta" sees daylight and soon becomes a local cult success. The band celebrates this by playing the demo through live for the first time in front of their supporters. Harri from Merging Flare has been hired to handle the bass for the gig. In the summer of 2001 the band asks Harri to join them as a full time member. Harri agrees and HMP is whole for the first time.

2001 December: HMP start recording their second demo.

2002 September: The second demo "...Ja Ylitse Vihaisen Meren" is unleashed along with a promotional video. It becomes a success all around Finland.

2003 May: HMP play their first official live gig in Helsinki at sold out Nousu restaurant.

2003 October: The song "Legenda Taikamiekasta" is re-recorded at Jive Studio in Helsinki for a forthcoming metal compilation CD. The band hires Johannes Salo from Elenium to play session keyboars.

2004 spring: Record company that was responsible for releasing the mentioned compilation is split and the plans for releasing the CD are withdrawn. Imperiumi Records decides to release "Legenda Taikamiekasta" as a single.

2004 April: The band record a new song as an accoustic version for the forthcoming single that is going to be a split with Gamma Ray tribute Guardians of Mankind that shares the lead singer of HMP.

2004 July: The new single is released at Tuska Open Air festival in Helsinki. It becomes a success and gets air-play in national radio network.

2004 October: HMP start recording a new EP in Orimattila. The EP features session keyboards this time by Aleksi Munter from Swallow The Sun + numerous other metal groups.

2005 August: The new MCD "Tervemenoa Tuonelaan!" is unleashed by the band. It starts selling even faster than the previous single and gets nice reviews.

2006 January: The band is asked to join a 2CD metal compilation for the radio program Rautakanki (R.I.P.) with their EP opener "Urho".

2006 March: The Rautakanki 2 compilation with HMP's Urho is released and hits the official Finnish compilation album chart at position #3.

2006: May: HMP's first live show abroad is played at Rockstar's pub in Tallinn, Estonia.

2006 June: HMP start recording their first full-length studio album at Jive Studio.

2007 May: HMP's debut album "Eripura" is mastered and the band start searching for a publisher.

2007 September: A record deal with Dethrone Music is signed.

2008 January: Eripura is released and it hits official Finnish album chart at position #38.

2008 HMP tour all around Finland including gigs with Blaze Bayley and Skyclad and festivals like Nummirock and Jalometalli.

2009 HMP continue touring for their album and beside Finland they visit Estonia again going as far as Tartu, but also to Tallinn.

2010 June: As a 10-year-anniversary special single HMP releases Hornan koje 7" on vinyl.

2011 June: HMP start recording their second full-length album.

2012 November: The 2nd album "Aikakirjat" is released and it hits the Finnish Rumba album chart at position #8 and the official album chart at #49.