Legenda taikamiekasta reviews:

" "With a riff that would make Rock n' Rolf sailing across the seaven seas seven times" 'Now what?!' Was my first reaction when I one day found this cd in my mailbox. 'True heavy metal with Finnish lyrics', the ad said. 'Well, it's worth a try' was my thought, so I laid the cd in the stereo and pushed play.

Out from the speakers a nice instrumental intro came. Nice acoustic Guitars that build up a fantasy landscape (not necessary in the same way as Rhapsody) True emotions flow out from the tunes of Matias' and Juhas' guitars. With the finnish elements the intro quite reminds me of Grave Digger's tremendous intro to their disc Tunes of War. After the intro the cd really kick-starts. Legenda Taikamiekasta begins with a melodic lick that reminds me of Helloween's melody licks during the Keeper of the Seven Keys era. Outstanding guitarwork once again by the youngsters in the band. The rhytmen section is tight and the solos are good. The only thing that could be better is the production of Balm's vocals, his voice seems quite thin in the production. Highlight of the song: The melody licks in the beginning. Weiki and Kai would be proud of it.

Right after Markaanläthö the most evil tune of this cd appears, Viimeinen Koitos. Once again nice guitarwork that reminds alot of those Swedish "true metal bands". I can't really put the finger of it but this tune really reminds me of something I've defently heard before, but still it kick some asses! The dark voices in this tune make it the best of the whole disc. Congrats boys!

Next to Viimeinen Koitos you find Voitonjuhla which begins with a riff that would make Rock n' Rolf sailing across the seaven seas seven times to create! It's truly a real privateer tune. If I had understood the lyrics I had knew the whole meaning of it, now I can just guess, and I guess that the lyrics is about the old Finnish Privateers that sailed over to Sweden and grabbed our blond women, that's why the Finns are blond! But once again, great guitars!

And as this wouldn't be enough, there is one more track hidden. The treasure is yours, go and seek it now...

Overall rating; with a thicker production the cd would kick some asses. It's alot better than many of these Swedes that calls themselves "true power metal warriors" and I can't wait for the next demo!"

Janne Mattsson