Mr. Heikki Romppainen

est. 110682

Some people talk about the Human Tornado. Others refer to "the craziest beat-boy of the town." Who is this eccentric rock'n'roll -person?

Call him what You will, but the fact is, that Mr. Heikki is the most punk heavy metal drummer of his time. Progressive as a mastodon and fast as a shark, Heikki sounds like a whole tribe of primitives behind his kit.

One of his famous quotes goes: "Heavy Metal Perse is not a carousel, it is a wild horse!" I guess that sums up his philosophy on playing quite neatly.

Heikki is the main lyricist in HMP. Perhaps quite surprisingly, he does not draw his inspiration from fantasy literature, role playing or anything like that, but "mainly from Prince of Persia and other computer games we used to play as a kid."

Heikki has a wide taste in music, ranging from Terveet Kädet to Jethro Tull and from Black Sabbath to The Clash. His all-time favourite group is The Beatles.

In drumming, Mr. H definitely has a style of his own, but also the greatest artists have got their influence from somewhere. Heikki's favourite drummers include Keith Moon from The Who, Ringo Starr form The Beatles, John Bonham from Led Zeppelin, Jyrki Raatikainen from Radiopuhelimet, Philthy Animal Taylor from Motörhead and so on.

For the future of HMP, Heikki does not wish for even greater successes, but to "maintain the strong bond between the four of us, and also between the band and its fans."
How sweet!