Juha Leikkainen

est. 150882

This jolly good fellow could be a professional soccer player nowadays, but thanks for the devil, beer and HEAVY METAL he's now tormenting the 6-stringer in a way that no one has done before.

Juha's influences are many. Be it Michael Romeo, Frank Zappa, Yngwie Malmsteen or Mega Man - you name it - he's done it all. Atleast no other fellow from HMP ever drank a bottle of beer in 8 seconds, eh?

As a songwriter Juha is either a genius or a maniac. His songs are just crazy enough to fit a killer HMP record. You guys beware if you're standing on a carpet - he might yank it off anytime.

"Is it a long way from here to somewhere?" A good question for everyone to ask from themselves from time to time. But this ain't a question anymore for this bearded hellraiser! He'd go with "I aint sure pal, but if you buy the next round, I'll surely follow!"