Matias "Balm" Palm

est. 090681

Sings like a siren, looks like a teenage girls' daydream, but plays guitar like the meanest son of a bitch! When you mix Rock'n'Rolf's songwriting skills, Dio's voice, and boldness of president Kekkonen, you might get near Matias (but not even close).

Matias likes to listen to all kinds of gay rock music like Judas Priest, Queen, Helloween or Indica. Yes, THAT Indica - the Finnish girl rock band, oh well how they rule!

As of what comes to the whole, wild horse -like camp full of maniacs - namely HMP, Matias is atleast trying to keep it all on track with his metalhead full of ideas, all for the future of this unique band that rolls on like a walrus on wheels.